Modelling Practice (CP2) Tutorials

Online CP2 tutorials for the September 2024 exams will take place in Summer 2024.

The aim of the tutorials is to provide effective assistance to actuarial students who are studying to pass subject CP2 – the modelling practice examination of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries.

The pass rate amongst the students who sat CP2 after attending previous tutorials for CA2/CP2 examinations has been exceptional. In recent years three consecutive cohorts achieved a 100% pass rate and the average pass rate since the inception of the tutorials eight years ago is greater than ninety percent.

Places for these tutorials are limited.


For the July tutorials, there will be a full-day tutorial covering the theory behind CP2 on Saturday the 6th July. This will be followed by a series of homework assignments and a full-day practical tutorial on Saturday the 13th July. There will be a mock CP2 exam in August 2024. The tutorials also involve several individual feedback sessions and a general feedback session. Individual engagement with the tutor, on top of the group tuition, is flexible and is designed to meet the needs of the individual student. This typically ranges from 2 to 10 hours.

The next tutorial for the April 2025 exam will be in February 2025 tutorial has the same format, with tutorials on February 1st and 8th.

Format Aim

To effectively prepare students to pass CP2 in September 2024.

Course Outline

  • Introduction – why is CP2 important
  • The principles of CP2
  • Theory
    • Data
    • Modelling
    • Audit trails
    • Summaries
  • Excel skills – exercises
  • Audit trail – exercises
  • Summary – exercises
  • Drafting skills
  • Review
  • Homework exercises – plus group feedback
  • Marked assignment – plus individual and group feedback
  • Marked mock exams – plus individual feedback

Course notes and materials are provided – no other materials are needed in order to be well prepared to pass.

Why choose Classic Actuarial Education CP2 tutorials?


The tutor has been involved with CA2/CP2 since near its inception in 2005 and held the roles of lead examiner, examiner, moderator and lead assessor, along with the role of education actuary.

Track record

In recent years, three consecutive cohorts of students on these CP2 tutorials had a 100% pass rate. The pass rate since the tutorials began is greater than ninety percent. The first 100% pass rate in CA2 was achieved when the tutor was the lead assessor (responsible for giving the tuition). Previously the tutor ran a postgraduate course at university with an exemption agreement for subjects CP1 and CP3. 100% or nearly 100% of students got each exemption in each year of the course.

Bespoke tuition

Bespoke, flexible and open-ended tuition is provided for students to foster higher education standards in the actuarial profession. The future of the actuarial profession depends on the education that is provided to its students.


Colm Fitzgerald

Dr. Colm Fitzgerald is an Assistant Professor in Actuarial Science in UCD and is a Fellow of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) and the Society of Actuaries in Ireland. Colm has been involved in CP2/CA2 since the subject commenced and has experience as a staff actuary, lead assessor, moderator and lead examiner. He was the lead assessor (tutor) when there was the first 100% pass rate in a CA2 exam. He is involved in several different aspects of the IFoA educational system across a number of subjects. He is a member of the IFoA Board of Examiners, is the IFoA representative on the AAE Education Committee and Chair of the AAE Data Science Syllabus Task Force. Previously he was a member of the IFoA Education Board. He was the primary author of the IFoA Investment Fellowship subject, SA7, and was an original author of the IFoA Enterprise Risk Management subject, SP9. Before working in education, Colm had a successful career in investment, trading, life insurance and risk management.


“I sat CP2 in April 2021 and passed at first attempt after attending Colm’s tutorials. Like most students, I thought of CP2 as “the modelling exam” and having worked extensively with spreadsheets I wasn’t fazed at the prospect before looking at the notes and seeing some past papers. Colm’s tutorial does a fantastic job of breaking down the exam into defined sections and explains the different approaches required to achieve high marks in each. He provides practical help in setting yourself up with the correct mindset, planning and language required, all of which I plan on using as part of preparation for my remaining exams. Attending the tutorial is not a quick fix to guaranteeing success, ultimately study is required and that is dependent on the individual but in terms of giving yourself the best chance of passing CP2 I cannot recommend attending Colm’s tutorial highly enough.” – David Buckley

“I attended the CP2 tutorial course and cannot recommend it highly enough. The tutorial provided me with excellent guidance on exam strategy and it helped me to develop a clear and effective approach to tackling the exam. Colm was incredibly comprehensive and approachable – providing me with actionable feedback that helped me improve my understanding of the subject and identify areas where I needed to focus my efforts. Colm’s positive attitude and enthusiasm for teaching made the learning process enjoyable and engaging.” – Evan Tuffy

“I sat Colm’s tutorials for the IFoA Modelling Practice exam (CP2) and found them very useful. I especially appreciated the practice work given along with marking and model solutions. These really helped me to gain a better understanding of the subject and achieve a pass.” – Max Moriarty

“I attended Colm’s CP2 Tutorial for the September 2022 exam session. Colm’s passion, knowledge of the subject matter, combined with his teaching principles serve to guide students to develop their own tools for both the exam preparation process and the exam itself. Colm’s commitment was evident from our first meeting, as he sought to understand each student’s needs and challenges. His care and attention helped me to get the most out of each session, allowing me to understand the nature of the exam and give me the confidence to tackle the unexpected head on, which paid dividends during my exam. If you are an open and engaged student, you will benefit from Colm’s individualised approach. Colm’s tutoring provides excellent academic instruction but his emphasis on character development and empowering students to reach their full potential, will have a lasting benefit for me for the remainder of my exams. I would be happy to recommend Colm as a dedicated and impactful tutor.” – Liam Fannon

“As an experienced examiner, Colm was able to clearly explain the structure of the exam, the marking process and the key study areas to focus on. Most importantly though, Colm used unique methods to prepare us for this challenging exam both physically and mentally. I strongly recommend CP2 tutorial with Colm for those looking to significantly increase their chances of passing the exam.” – Alex Afonin

“Having successfully completed a master thesis under Colm’s mentorship and taking part in his CP2 tutorials I can confidently vouch for his teaching values. As a past examiner and passionate educator Colm instils through his tutorial a tried and tested exam strategy which assisted me in developing an efficient approach to taking the CP2 exam. The tutorial offers genuinely useful feedback which allowed me to gain a better understanding of the subject as a whole, and helped to refine my focus on areas that most needed my attention. Colm’s enthusiasm for teaching and extensive experience makes me wholeheartedly recommend this tutorial to anyone seeking to significantly improve their chances of passing CP2.” – Alan O’Reilly

“I had found myself stuck on CP2 and Colm’s calm and thoughtful approach helped unlock it for me. The beauty of Colm’s approach is that he seeks to drive the change needed from the inside out and not the outside in, which ultimately is considerably more powerful. He also provided some valuable insights on how to pass the exam.” – Stephen O’Sullivan


€750 / £675

This tuition is VAT exempt.

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Closing date for applications

5th July 2024 for the July 2024 tutorials and January 31st for the February 2025 tutorials.

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