Actuarial Exam Remediation Tutorial

This is a three hour online tutorial that positively explains what you need to do to pass an actuarial exam. It also explains what typically goes wrong and how to remediate this. The tutorial does not beat around the bush and aims to deliver the uncomfortable, but life affirming, truths that students need in order to be confident of success in actuarial exams.

This unique tuition is only available through Classic Actuarial Education.

Who is the tutorial aimed at?

The tutorial is aimed at students who are serious about passing actuarial exams. It aims to show students how actuarial exams really work and to remove unhealthy and unnecessary trauma that can arise with the exams.

The tutorial is aimed at any actuarial student who is trying their best to manage the risks associated with the actuarial exams, or indeed any actuarial manager aiming to help their team.

Have you recently failed an actuarial exam and want to avoid it happening again?
Are you passing actuarial exams but want to be extra confident not to fail your next exam?

What can students expect from the tutorial?

A technique is provided to students, one such that if they follow it, they can be confident that they will pass.

This is based on 20-years of experience, mostly engaging with students who have had very difficult experiences and who have gone many years without passing. Practically 100% of these students passed using this technique.

While there are other approaches that can work for different students, this approach has more universal potential.

The tuition material comes from three sources:

– from wise and helpful advice the tutor got when he was failing actuarial exams,

– from when he decided to reverse engineer the exams in order to pass them,

– and, from the validation of this approach as an IFoA examiner over 15 years.

The tutorial will last about ~150 minutes and there will be ~30 minutes for Q&A afterwards.

Recent testimonials

“I attended a remediation tutorial in July 2023 and cannot recommend it enough. Colm’s unique framework and guidance on exam strategy is helping me develop a clear and effective approach to tackling the exam. Colm’s passion to see students grow and reach their full potential is infectious, and he does so while also showing empathy for the struggle. His radical candour is refreshing. If you’re open to changing self-limiting behaviours that may not have served well, I recommend Colm as an impactful, honest, and dedicated coach.” – Madhari (Maddy) Kumar

“I cannot recommend Colm’s tutorials highly enough. The approach Colm takes is unique in that it enables the student to focus in on WHY they are failing rather than simply providing an exam revision tutorial. I believe Colm is addressing an area that is sorely lacking in terms of supports available for students who are struggling to pass. Colm shares his experiences of the Actuarial exams in a very honest and relatable way, reminding those of us still on the path to qualification that there is hope after failure. From my own experience, failing exams is very isolating with little resources or options available to students except to keep repeating exams without the knowledge to identify what went wrong the previous time, which can become a vicious cycle of failure and repeating without success. I have approached my exams with renewed vigour and self-confidence after Colm’s tutorial and strongly urge anyone who may be struggling to give it a go.” – Amy Jackman

“Colm engages clearly and enthusiastically with students, he navigates students away from common pitfalls, fostering a mindset geared towards success in achieving their qualification goals. His efforts in demystifying the exams were a real game-changer for myself. He doesn’t just advocate hard work; he presents a strategic framework that maximizes students’ efforts in exam preparation. By empowering students to take charge of their exam journey, he instils a proactive mindset, steering focus towards areas within their control. For anyone embarking on their exam journey or facing obstacles along the way, I strongly recommend considering Colm’s tutorial. It can be a transformative resource, as it was for me, which not only redirects your approach, but may also reignite your confidence in achieving exam success. ” – Richard Irwin

“There are two sides to exams: knowing the exam and knowing yourself. Having failed the same paper on 5 separate occasions, I was fairly confident that it wasn’t the content that was holding me back. Rather, I was stuck all up in my own head, in a negative feedback loop of “why can’t I pass these damn things?!”. Luckily I was in touch with Colm, who was able to point me in the direction of Classic Actuarial Education and the remediation tutorial. Colm’s teaching approach is unique, and cuts through of a lot of the nonsense that gets in the way of passing exams. The tutorial is not a 2+ hour session of papers, but rather a directed discussion about the exams, yourself and what you need to do/change to get the results that you’re capable of. In my first sitting post-tutorial, I managed to pass SP5 on my sixth attempt, with a score far in excess of what I had achieved previously. ” – Tadhg Treacy

“When I enrolled on the [July 2023] course, I thought it was more of an application on how the questions are set (you did do this at some point), how to answer and the language but the tangent was very different from the expectation. To be honest, at the initial start of the discussion, I was thinking, oh was this a poor decision and should I not have paid for the session. I gave the approach a chance and I passed [my last] two exams to qualify for Fellowship. Thanks for the session.” – Edward Ngotho

When is the online tutorial?

The first tutorial in the run up to the September 2024 exams is scheduled,

on Tuesday, 9th July, 17:00-20:00 BST.

The second tutorial in the run up to the September 2024 exams is scheduled,

on Saturday, 20th July, 09:00-12:00 BST


€200 / £180

This tuition is VAT exempt.

Other payment methods are available, for details please email

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Individual coaching for actuarial exams

Individual coaching is also available for students who want additional support and assistance. This coaching is based on the technique covered in this tutorial. Priority will be given to students who can show employer support.

The format of the individual tuition is open and flexible so the individual needs of students can be met.

Typically, additional tuition initially takes the form of examining why a student has previously failed. This involves reviewing past exam attempts to determine what was likely causing the student to fail in terms of their preparation and exam technique.

The focus is on determining the causes rather than on the symptoms arising. So rather than pointing out that a student failed to make certain points in a certain question, the focus is on determining how the students approach can be improved so that, they will not make the same technical mistakes again irrespective of the question asked, and that their study and exam technique will mean they will make the necessary points needed to pass.

Further tuition, beyond this, is aimed at monitoring how a student is applying the exam technique and offering constructive feedback to help the student stay on the right track to passing.

Please email for further details.

[Individual tuition was fully booked for the April 2024 exam diet.]

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